5 Tips To Make A Good Interview

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                       Hope you are doing good. Today I am going to share you some important tips that can be help full in your entire life to crack any interviews whether it is easy or tought. Try to follow these tips exactly as I explained.  I hope these tips can be a game changer  in your career. So let's go to the tips .

1. Research About The Company

It is the first step in your interview preparation. Research about the company as much as you can. Try to find out thier products/ services on offer. Collect the details such as board directors, economical details of the company such as profit/loss, share price Etc. Researching about the  company makes you even more confident. Its a common questions in most of the interviews, " What do you know about this company? ", What are our companies products - You can answer this questions easily if you research about the company.

2. Introduce Yourself

The most common and repeated question in any interviews and the most expected question too. The first thing interviewer is gonna ask you is " Introduce Yourself " . You can write your introduction in a notebook and practice it in front of mirror. Thus you can eliminate the fear. A good introduction is the first and best impression to the interviewer.  

3. Arrive Early

Arrive early at the venue, use the remaining time to recall what you have studied also helps you to relax and settle to the situation.

4. Dress code

Be in a proffesional dress code, which should be washed and ironed properly. Trim your hair and shave your beards. Use a perfume if you have. Use only the professional dress. Polish your shoes properly.

5. Be Confident

  Try to keep smile in your face throughout the interview. This makes confident on you as well as the interviewer. Walk properly to the interview hall/ room when they called your name. Ask permission to enter to the room first. After getting permission wish the interviewer according to the time ( If the time is before noon then wish " Good Morning ", if the time is before 3.PM then wish "Good Afternoon" and the time is after 3.PM wish "Good Evening". Be polite and confident in the interview.

How To Crack Interviews - Some Tips